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Swallow's Nest

. "Swallow's Nest" is located in Yalta of the Crimean peninsula, built on a steep cliff of the Ai-Todor cape. The structure resembles a medieval knight's castle like the Portuguese Belem Tower or Villa Miramare near the Italian Trieste. "Swallow's Nest" has become a kind of emblem of the Southern coast of Crimea. The estate on the Aurora Rock has been known since the 70s of the XIX century. We don't know the name of the first owner. According to legend, he was a general, and he called his summer house "The Castle of Love." Young people with broken hearts jumped into the sea from here.
You will discover wonderful views of the Yalta coast, the terrain surrounded by mountains creates a different microclimate in this territory. From the cliff, you can watch the waves break on the shore for an endless time, enjoy the warm salty wind, listen to the cries of seagulls and take pictures one better than the other. We will spend a wonderful time on the coast that you will remember for a long time.
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Ai-Petri is not just a mountain peak - it is a giant coral reef, indicated that once the entire territory of Crimea was hidden under water.
For thousands of years, the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean has been sinking. Coral colonies slowly and thoroughly "built up" their reefs. But one day the earth's crust began to rise, and with it appeared from the sea and petrified the array.
The ascent to Ai-Petri is interesting, and can be turned into a real, unlike anything else journey.
At an altitude of 1234 m, there is a stunning view within a radius of 150 km.
You will have access to: a suspension bridge on Ai-Petri, a cable car, horseback riding, traditional cuisine, a fair, caves, ATVs.
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"Massandra" is the most famous winery in the Crimea. For more than a century, Massandra has occupied a special place in the Russian wine-growing industry, being, in fact, the main establishing of Russian winemaking.
We will introduce you to the history of winemaking, production technology, show you the cellars of vintage collection wines, tasting will allow you to experience the unforgettable taste of the best samples.
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Vine Park

4. "Vine Park" is a hub of modern winemaking. Thematic locations, interactive programs, modern art installations are waiting for you. Your attention will be offered a tasting of wines and cheese of our own production. Dinner at the restaurant will be a wonderful end to the evening.
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The Balaklava Underground Museum Complex

5. The Balaklava Underground Museum Complex is a modern museum of a new generation with interactive platforms, multimedia zones with light and noise special effects. In the past, the underground complex served as a shelter for underwater
protection of boats from nuclear attack and their repair. It was a network of completely secret military facilities of the Cold War period: a sea shipping channel, production facilities of the facility and the nuclear arsenal of the Soviet Navy facility. The unique historical monuments of the Primorsky military fortification, created in the difficult mountainous conditions of the complex interface of land and sea, are examples of scientific and engineering creativity.
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Taigan is the first lion park in Europe, such parks have never been created here before. About 60 African lions live freely on an area of more than 30 hectares of the Crimean foothills. It took a lot of effort to create this park.
Visitors of the park can observe lions in the natural conditions of the Crimea. At the same time, visitors are on safe specially equipped bridges located above the territory with lions. The length of the observation bridges over the safari park is more than 1 km. It should be noted that lions lead a free lifestyle, and naturally, they can hide in the thicket from the heat, not be visible from the observation bridges, etc.
The park has a complete infrastructure for recreation for adults and children, there is a cozy European-class hotel, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and even a Ferris wheel with unforgettable large-scale breathtaking views of the nature of the steppe Crimea, the Taigan reservoir and the White Mountain. The total area of the park is more than 32 hectares.
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The Marble Cave

6. The Marble Cave is one of the most mysterious places on the entire Crimean peninsula. This cave is the largest of all available on the resort peninsula and is the most popular mountain cave, fascinating tourists with its extraordinary views.
The Marble cave is located at an altitude of 920 meters in a mountain range Chatyr-Dag. In 1992, the Marble Cave was accepted into the International Association of Equipped Caves, and also became one of the most visited caves in all of Europe.
The Marble Cave is unique in its kind. The "trick" of this cave is that it managed to be preserved in its original form, after years and centuries of existence. There are several excursion halls in the cave. In the first, the largest hall called "Avalanche", you can observe stone structures that have been preserved for a million years. The length of this hall is about 250 meters. Also popular halls are the "Palace" with columns and the "Clay", the ceiling height in which is gradually decreasing. The Tiger Passage is the oldest part of the Marble Cave, discovered only a year later than the cave itself.
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Vorontsov Palace

7. Vorontsov Palace is a historical monument at the foot of the Crimean Mountains. It is one of the oldest palaces. From the sea side, the palace is built in the Moorish style, and from the mountains - in the English Neo-Gothic. There are 150 rooms in the castle. The most notable are the blue room, the library, the dining room and the Chinese study. The palace is surrounded by a huge park designed by the German landscape architect Karl Kebach.
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Livadia Palace

Livadia Palace was the summer residence of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II. It is located in Livadia, a suburb of Yalta, and was built in 1910-1911 on the site of the previous palace.
From February 4 to 11, 1945, the Yalta Conference was held in the palace, at which the leaders of the United States (Franklin D. Roosevelt), Great Britain (Winston Churchill) and the Soviet Union (Joseph Stalin) negotiated post-war Europe.
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Massandra Palace

Massandra is an urban-type settlement directly adjacent to Yalta on the Southern subtropical coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Massandra originally developed as a Greek settlement.
In 1783, Massandra was acquired by the daughter of the Polish nobleman Lev Potocki, who in the first half of the XIX century began the construction of a park and a castle with an area of 80 hectares. Later, the estate was acquired by the Governor-General of Novorossiya, and after his death it became the property of Tsar Alexander III. The three-storey castle-palace was built in the French style of the XVII century.
In Soviet times, the palace was used as a strictly guarded State Duma of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and Joseph Stalin spent his summer holidays here.
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Holy Dormition Monastery

The Assumption Cave Monastery is located in a steep valley south of the city of Bakhchisarai. The buildings were erected along steep limestone cliffs and partly in caves. The rock was used as a back wall for several buildings, others were built entirely inside the cave. The monastery was originally founded in the VIII century, but there are no documents from that time, since it was completely destroyed after the fall of Byzantium. The present monastery was built on the same site in the XV century. Due to its location near Bakhchisarai, the monastery is also known as the Bakhchisarai Cave Monastery.
The monastery was abandoned in Soviet times, as the new ideology did not allow any religion. But as soon as the USSR collapsed in the early 1990s, the monks returned and began to rebuild the monastery. The buildings were re-erected, the icons on the rock were repainted.
Купить Cave city of Chufut-Kale (Bakhchisarai)

Cave city of Chufut-Kale (Bakhchisarai)

Not far from Bakhchisarai, about 1 km from the Assumption Monastery, is Chufut-Kale. This place is considered one of the three cave cities that were built on the mountain plateaus of the northern chain of the Crimean Mountains between Sevastopol and Simferopol.
The cities of Eski-Kermen and Mangup-Kale are also recommended to visit.
The city was probably founded in the VI or VII century. At the end of the XIII century, the Tatars captured the city, built powerful fortifications and called it "Kyrk-Or" (Forty fortresses). After the completion of the construction of the capital Bakhchisarai, they left the city. At the end of the XIV century, Karaites settled here. The name Chufut-Kale "Jewish Fortress" comes from this period.
The Karaites were a separate religious group that did not recognize the Talmud. Their houses of worship can still be visited, and there is a Karaite cemetery nearby. The city was deserted at the end of the XVIII century.
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Tauric Chersonesos (Sevastopol)

The ancient Greek city of Chersonesos in the west of the Crimean Peninsula, near Sevastopol, is one of the most important archaeological sites.
The Kherson excavations are now known as the "Tauric Chersonese" and can be visited as a Greco-Byzantine-Roman open-air museum. Here you can see the amphitheater, houses, streets, tombstones, squares and walls of the former port city. In summer, performances are held in the Roman amphitheater.
The museum of the same name presents finds from excavations, including writings, coins, ceramic and architectural fragments.
The ancient city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013.
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Russian bath

14. Russian bath will not leave you without vivid impressions, you will learn the pledge of Russian health, the basis of cultural values of Russia.
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Quad bike tour

Do you prefer active and extreme recreation? We will be able to drive through the most picturesque places in the vicinity of Yalta, admire the beauty of the coniferous forest, the route runs through a turquoise lake with the purest spring water in which you can swim.
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Diving in the Black Sea

Do you want to see the underwater world of the Black Sea ? Let's go on this fascinating journey that will allow you to see the underwater world with your own eyes, even for a novice diver.
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Jumping in one of the bays of Cape Fiolent. A rocky cliff and a free fall up to 50 m above the water will not leave you without vivid emotions.
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A paroplane flight

A paroplane flight with an instructor will be an amazing and exciting gift for outdoor enthusiasts and romantics. Flying in tandem with an instructor is an opportunity to get into the air safely and feel your weightlessness.
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Kayaking among the rocks of the Crimean coast, grottos, caves for 5 hours will leave you a bright range of emotions.
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Horseback riding

We can arrange for you a horse ride and an exciting journey on horseback. Try to communicate with these big and noble animals.
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Fishing on a yacht or a short walk along the volcano is a vivid impression of the sails, the sea and the wind.
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Skydiving is a real test to overcome yourself and a volcano of emotions!